OEM is flexible with VTAB
Time: 09/06/2017  From: MeiVie  Views:

OEM is flexible with VTAB, check out some examples below!


Send us your logo design and we'll put it on the guitar/ukulele head, it can be metal sticker or wood/acrylic inlay etc.


2, BOX
A good retail box is not only about trasportation safety, but also about the first impression of the product itself. If you don't have your own designer, we have no problem to design it for you, your design is also welcome.

3, Tag & Model Sticker

If you already have your own tag and model sticker, this is great, send them to us. In case you don't have a design yet, again you know we are happy to design and make them for you!

4, Rosette

Please feel free to customize your rosette here, as for materials there are options of decal, carving, woood/acrylic inlay etc.


Above we just showed you some examples , our OEM service is definitely not limited to these, there are more customized options like Bindings, Fret Position Marks etc, drop us an email today to understand more!