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I have the TS-C10 and I'm a big fan. I love the looks of the instrument and the feel in the hands is phenomenal. The tone is loud and clear with ridiculous sustain. This is a fantastic instrument and its a crazy bargain at this price. If you are on the fence, hop off and go for it.


My VTAB Spruce/Mahogany Concert Ukulele is a fantastic instrument. I have a few other high-end ukuleles and this little beauty holds it own against ukes costing hundreds of dollars more. It's become my go-to instrument for taking to ukulele jams and gatherings. Absolutely amazing fit and finish and visually stunning. I am a very happy VTAB owner and don't hesitate to recommend one to anyone looking for great value, easy playing, and terrific sound.


The ukulele arrived this morning.  It is very good and entirely up to expectations.  Your service is excellent and your company is a pleasure to deal with.


MY uke turned up yesterday and I've been messing about with it since.

I love it. The finish is great, the sound is brilliant, much better than my other concert. Looks fantastic too.

I paid a good bit more for my other concert uke and it's nothing like as good - it's a Kxxx.

I really don't know how you can build them to that quality and send them to the UK ... with a gig bag and a spare set of strings ... for that price.

But I'm glad you do ...

Thanks again,


I have just received my VTAB TS-Series Solid Spruce Top & Mahogany Ukulele with Gig-Bag and it certainly lived up to my expectations. Very nicely made . Based on that, I have just placed  an order for the  VTAB FL-Series Glossy Full Mahogany Ukulele with Gig-Bag. Thank you for the coupon. 

Please continue to maintain your high quality control standards.

Thank you,


I received my VTAB(ukulele) yesterday and took it to my uke group last night. It was a big hit with all. It started buzzing from one of the tuners but I tightened the little screw on the end of the tuner wing and it cured it. Sounds really bright and nice acoustic or amped. Loving it! Thank you!


It's brilliant. I love it so much. Sounds and looks fantastic..it didn't disappoint! 


Received my ukulele. TS-Series EQ/Tuner Concert. What a wonderful instrument. Can't fault the workmanship or sound.


Recieved my VTAB ukulele today. what a lovely instrument. good quality, good price , good service and fast delivery. could not be better. thanks very much. Keep up the good work. Merry xmas.


I received the VTAB TS2401 ukulele and it’s definitely worth the wait! Superb sound and quality. So excited to use it! Keep on making top notch ukuleles! 


I go my tenor spruce ukulele with black walnut ,last week.

I love it and think it is a beautifully crafted and finished instrument.

Thank you


I've had my concert spruce top for nearly a month....it's beautiful in every way...from craftsmanship, looks and most important...great soun d. I'd recommend this instrument not only for beginner but intermediate and above level. 5 stars


Lovely ukuleles at a great price. Ordering, tracking and delivery really straightforward. Brilliant correspondence from Vtab music and MeiVie. Really happy with their products and service and I would highly recommend them.


this is a excellent ukulele . Great looks and construction. Wonderful customer support.The sound is that of a high end instrument. You will have to spend much more for a ukulele that even closely compares.


My VTAB arrived last week and I can honestly say I agree with everything that was said in your review. Not a one off. It is beautiful,The workmanship is top notch, the support is Unbelievable. But the SOUND blew me away. Clean clear and loud. There are ukes costing much more whose sound cant compare. Anyone considering a uke should give the VTAB a try. To steal a quote from you, I just don't know how they did it for the money.


Well my one arrived today and it is as good as you say, looks amazing and superb sound, really impressed! Ordered direct from China and it was easy process, 7 days from ordering to my doorstep and fully tracked at every stage of the journey. £82  all in the no Duty or VAT to pay on arrival. Thanks for the recommendation and so happy I have one now.


Just received a uke I ordered! WOW!!! Sounds great & looks great!!!will be ordering another!


I got my new VTAB today, and I can confirm that yours was not just a "one off." This uke is every bit as pretty and well made as yours, and she does have that wonderful jangly sound and sweet sustain. I do agree the tuners are a little "grindy" as you stated, but they do hold the tune and the rest of this uke is a delight! It is way better than something this inexpensive should be...but I am not complaining!


Great to hear! Mine had some very minor finishing problems, but it definitely sounds outrageously too good for the price, and you have to be really finicky to be bothered about the bit of glue residue inside the body. :)


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